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How do I Set up a Home Network Router 

Setting up a home network router is not a big deal. This post will make you aware of the step-by-step guide to set up a wireless router for home computer networks. Read on.

1. Prefer an appropriate position

Choose a place in your home which has the best connectivity. Or you can place the in an open space floor or ground. Once the router installation is completed, you can move back your device to its indented location.

2. Connect your modem to the route

Plug your device into an electrical outlet and push the On/Off (power) button on your main router. Now, connect your modem with your device with the good quality Ethernet cable. Also be sure to make the cable connections rigid and perfect. Loose and poor quality cables result in the setup issues. It is worth notable that, when you are connecting the devices with each other, the power supposed to be shut down. Once you have connected all your devices with each other, plug all of them back again.

3. Connect your wired device to the router

Connect a PC or a laptop to your router with the help of an Internet (LAN) cable. However, it is not recommended to use the WiFi connection of your router for initial installation because WiFi settings are yet unconfigured.

4. Turn off interference-creating devices

During the router setup process, you need to shut down all the third-party devices that include all your metal appliances, Bluetooth devices, WiFi, hotspot, etc. Sometimes, the device fails to achieve the available WiFi signals due to such devices.

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