Home / – WiFi Router Login – WiFi Router Login is the IP address that belongs to routers manufactured by various brands. This IP lets a person reach the web management panel of a router and change its settings. The individual can also use this IP address to restore the router to its factory settings. Just in case, this IP fails doesn’t work for you, it probably means that your router is utilizing some other IP address assigned by the modem. We advise you to use that particular IP address. You can lean on the tips given in the next section if you are 100% sure that the WiFi router you own is manageable through the IP only.

What to Do If is Not Working?

Use the Address Box: The IP address might be failing to work for you because you are using the search box of the browser. To make things up and running, put the web address bar of the browser to use. Yes, we are talking about the topmost field present on the browser’s dashboard.

Disable Ad Blockers: Various instances have been observed where a user is unable to access a web or IP address with the ad blocker enabled on the web browser. So, we suggest you disable the ad-blocking extension installed. After that, you can try accessing the IP address to check if the login panel appears or not.


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More About IP Address

It is an Alternative to Web URL: If you are new to the technical realm, then you must not be aware that IP addresses of networking devices work as alternatives to the default web addresses. So, if you own a Netgear router and get the routerlogin.net not working error, you can use its default IP i.e. But, you need to use if it corresponds to the default value of your router’s IP address.

IP is Accessible If You Connect to Router’s WiFi: You can only access the default IP address of your router and access the login panel if the computer/laptop used by you is connected to the router’s WiFi. Thus, if you proceed to access the IP through a random WiFi network, you will only receive an error message. You can also opt to connect your devices via an Ethernet cable.

How to Log in to Router?

To complete the login process through the default router IP, join your COMPUTER TO THE ROUTER’S WIFI NETWORK. Once done, load an internet browser and into the ADDRESS BAR, type Press ENTER and you will see the ADMINISTRATIVE PAGE of your router. There, input the password and username. Select Log In or OK.

Want to Change Router Login Password via IP?

The default IP address of the router can help you change the admin password. Therefore, if you have been using the web address to date, you can use the IP to manage your router and change its password. The steps to complete the process are mentioned below:

  • You need to log in to the router through the IP and default password.
  • Locate the ADMINISTRATION option.
  • Select the CHANGE PASSWORD option.
  • Input the NEW and OLD passwords into their respective spaces.
  • Save the changes.

Note: You must know that the options given in the instructions mentioned above are for example purposes. The actual options may vary depending on the product model you own.

How to Use Router IP for Reset Process?

Factory reset is considered the ultimate hack when all the options like PERFORMING FIRMWARE UPDATE, CHANGING LOCATION, and REDUCING NETWORK TRAFFIC fail to help you make the most of the router. You can use the to reset the router. Learn the steps through the points given below:

  • Using the router login IP, access the management dashboard.
  • You are now supposed to click SETTINGS.
  • Locate the RESET option and click it.
  • Confirm your selection and let the process get completed.
  • Your router is ready for the installation process once again.

Quick Tip: The reset process is not only limited to the IP address. You can drop the idea of using the IP at any time. Now, to reset the router, you need to push the button labeled RESET using a sharp object.

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