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To log in to your WiFi router, you need to use its default IP address i.e. The process of router login is needed to access the settings page of your WiFi router for setting it up, changing its default password, making changes to the network, perform router firmware update process, and more.
Before we proceed further, we would like to share something important with you. IP is not meant for accessing router’s admin login page of a particular make and model like Netgear. Yes, you read it right! The IP is used for the login process for one of the topmost yet leading router brands like Cisco, SMC, Technicolor, Arris, Aztech, and so on.

admin-login-ip | Router Login Steps

The steps to log in to WiFi router using IP are outlined underneath:

  • Step 1: Turn on your WiFi router and wait till the LEDs on it gets stable. In the event, the LEDs take longer time than usual to become stable, do not turn off the router. Instead, wait for a couple of minutes more! It is natural! The LEDs take more time than expected to become stable.
  • Step 2: After seeing stable LEDs on your WiFi router, you need to power on your computer or laptop.
  • Step 3: Then, grab an Ethernet cable and insert its one end into your laptop/ computer and other end into your WiFi router firmly.
  • Step 4: Load up a web browser of your choice. Kindly ensure to use only an up-to-date version of the internet browser only. In addition to that, close/ unpin other tabs and clear browsing history.
  • Step 5: Hove the mouse cursor over the web browser address bat and type
  • Step 6: Press the Enter key.

The router login window will display.

  • Step 7: Enter the default router admin credentials (username and password) in the required fields, and click Log In or Login.

That’s it! In this way, you can log in to your WiFi router using IP.

Call Toll Free for Support: 1-866-889-0666 Not Working?

If you are facing not working issue, then here are the fixes that you can apply. Keep scrolling down!

  • Fix 1: Make sure that your router is placed within range of your internet modem. For instance, if you have Cisco, place it pretty closer to modem.

You must have access to high-speed internet. If your internet connection is not stable or you can’t connect to internet, then also the IP will not work for you. So, for fixing internet-related issues, call your ISP.

  • Fix 2: The Ethernet cable you are using for connecting your client device (computer or laptop) must be in working condition and free of cuts, damages, and dust.

On the off chance, you don’t want to use an Ethernet source for connecting the devices, feel free to use wireless source instead. For this, look for the WiFi icon on your computer or laptop and click on it. Upon clicking on the icon, a list of active networks will be displayed. Select your router’s SSID from the list and connect with it using the router’s WiFi password. Once you get connected, try to do routerlogin again using IP.

We hope that this proves helpful? Admin Password Not Working!

The admin password is case-sensitive, so you have to make sure that you are not using the shift key while entering the routerlogin admin password. In addition to that, turn off the caps lock key as well.

If the admin password is still not working, then chances are you have changed it while performing SMC router setup (for instance). In that case, we suggest you use the customized login credentials to access admin login page.

Still Can’t Access Admin Login Page?

If you are still unable to access admin login page, then try rebooting your entire system. It is because of technical glitches that you are facing issues accessing admin login page. Well, don’t worry! We are here to help! Just scroll down a little and know how to reboot your system.

  • Step 1: First of all, disconnect all the devices connecting to each other.
  • Step 2: Once you are done, turn off your internet modem, Technicolor router (for instance), including your client devices (computer and laptop).
  • Step 3: After turning the devices off, wait for 30 minutes and then, turn them on again one-by-one. We suggest you turn on your internet modem, and after that, your router and client device (s).
  • Step 4: Reconnect them and admin login page again.

We hope that this time you rack up success!

No Luck? IP Not Working? Use

Even if after following the fixes listed above, you are having issues accessing the router login page? If yes, then the alternative to IP i.e. to log in to your WiFi router. The process of logging in to router using the would be the same as of the instructions used to access routerlogin page using IP.

If both the IPs are not working, then you need to cross-check the entrée. It seems like there are typing errors in the IP or your Aztech router (for instance) which is why it is not working. So, to prevent you from making typos, copy any of the router IPs from here and then paste it into the web browser’s URL bar.

We really hope that you log in to your WiFi router using IP without hindrance using anyone of the two IPs in discussion.

Reset Router

Still baffling with the same issue? If yes, then consider resetting router as the last resort. To reset the router, press and hold the reset button present on it using a paper clip and hold it for 10 seconds. Once you are done holding it for the provided time, release it.

Now, do admin login again and configure the router from scratch.

Anticipating that has started working and allowed you do routerlogin!

Call Toll Free for Support: 1-866-889-0666

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