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I Reset My Router and Now Can’t Connect to the Internet. Help!

I Reset My Router and Now Can't Connect to the Internet

Netgear router reset – The ultimate step taken by a user when he/she’s unable to resolve a major issue related to the Netgear WiFi router. This is because performing a factory default reset opens the door of possibilities of the router’s connection to a smoother internet. But, what if the router won’t connect to the internet after completing the reset process? Well, it is as same as the situation reported by a Netgear router user whose complaint went like this – I was getting the routerlogin.net not working issue. Therefore, I reset my router and now can’t connect to the internet.

To make sure that you do not face the same fate after completing the Netgear WiFi router reset steps, we have jotted down a number of tips here. By walking through them, you will be able to learn why your router is not connecting to the internet and what should you do in that scenario. But, before all that, let us focus on the factors that decide the internet connection status of the Netgear router.

Factors Affecting Netgear Router Internet Connection

1. The Ethernet Cable: If we ask you the purpose of Ethernet cable, the only answer here in relation to the Netgear router is the connection with the modem. To put it simply, the modem serves as the internet source for the router. The Ethernet cable performs the task of feeding the wired internet signals of the modem to the router. With that being said, the Ethernet or LAN cable holds the number 1 position when it comes to deciding the internet connection status.

2. The Router’s Placement: The placement of the router is another factor that impacts the internet connection availability. You must know that if you keep your router at a location where its signals get diverted or obstructed, the final internet connection will be poor. For this, you need to be familiar with the factors causing signal interference. Devices like microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. create signal interference. However, when it comes to objects containing a large amount of water, they tend to absorb the signals emitted by networking devices stopping the router from getting connected to the internet.

We hope that now you are well familiar with the factors responsible for the router’s internet connection. In another way, you are aware of the reasons due to which your router is not connecting to the internet after reset. Let us now focus on some practical solutions that will work to help you fix the problem.

Fix: I Reset My Router and Now Can’t Connect to the Internet

1. Rejoin the Netgear Router and Modem: You are supposed to join your Netgear router and modem firmly. If you have gone through the reset process carefully, then you might have disconnected the router and modem. But, in order to connect to the internet, you are supposed to connect both devices. The Ethernet cable automatically comes into play for this. But, you need to select one that is not damaged from any point. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, your router won’t get the internet after the reset process. And yes, be sure that you are creating a finger-tight connection.

Note: Take care of the ports being utilized for the LAN connection between the router and modem. You ought to use the LAN1 port of the modem and the WAN port of the Netgear router.

2. Relocate the Router: Perhaps, you changed the location of your router to reset it and have placed it in an area suffering from signal interference. To bring the internet connection to life, it is recommended that you place your router at a location with minimum or zero WiFi interference. We’ve already mentioned the factors responsible for the same. Thus, keep your Netgear router away from such objects and devices. You also need to make sure that you have not kept your router in a corner or under a table.

After following the above two hacks you might not be complaining, “I reset my router and can’t connect to the internet” anymore. But, if you are still stuck in the same scenario, it is a sign that something went wrong during the reset process. Thus, you should reset the router again.

Go for 30-30-30 Reset of the Router

The 30-30-30 reset process is all about performing a factory default reset 3 times. And yes, you are supposed to press the Reset button for about half a minute. Here’s how you can go about the process and fix the router not connecting to the internet issue:

  • Ensure that your router is powered up.
  • Find the Reset hole and press and button present inside it using an oil pin.
  • Keep the button pressed for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat these steps 3 times.

After that, reconnect the router to the modem and set it up by accessing the routerlogin.net URL or using the Nighthawk app. You router might have connected to the internet now.

All Things Considered

If we consider everything discussed here, then your router was not connecting to the internet after the Netgear router reset because YOU HAVE NOT CONNECTED IT TO THE MODEM. So, use an INTACT CABLE TO JOIN ROUTER AND MODEM. You can also RELOCATE THE ROUTER to fix the situation.

And if everything fails, the 30-30-30 RESET METHOD is always there for you. So, what’s the update? Is your router connected to the internet now?

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