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How do I know if WiFi Router is Working?

How do I know if WiFi Router is Working?

“Today, I purchased a Netgear WiFi router. I set it up and performed router firmware update process. But, the question is how do I know if WiFi router is working or not? According to me, I have configured the router in a proper manner and update its firmware correctly. But, I am confused whether it is working properly or not. Please help!”

Need not to worry! We are receiving the same query from a number of WiFi router users across the globe. Considering you are one of them, we have come up with this blog post. Here, we will guide you with some important points through which you will come to know whether your WiFi router is working or not. Given that, continue reading!

Is My WiFi Router Working Fine?

The points that will help you identify if your router is working properly, refer to the points outlined underneath:

Have a Quick Nudge at the Router’s LEDs

The first important point that will ensure you that your router is working perfectly fine is the LEDs present on it. So, what you have to do, look at your router. If the LEDs on it are stable and green, it is running smoothly. And, don’t fear if you find them blinking green. They will become stable shortly. And, flashing green LEDs are also good indication.

Remember that, red amber or orange LEDs on the router is the indication that it is not working.

Connect to Your WiFi Router

The second important point that will help you ensure that your router is working by connecting to its SSID. If you detect the router’s SSID easily and have no issues connecting with it, then fab. Your router is working absolutely fine. After getting connected to the router’s SSID, you need to verify if you are connected to it or not by accessing IP.

If you are having trouble connecting to your router’ WiFi, turn off/ disable your mobile hotspot, and restart your client device.

The client device we are referring to the device (computer or laptop) you are using to access IP.

Do Router Login

Try to access the WiFi router page using the default (unless changed) admin credentials. On the off chance, you are able to log in to your WiFi router using the admin details, your WiFi router is working fine. Else, you need to restart your router to make it working.

Connect WiFi Router and Internet Modem

You must connect the router and modem in order to see if it is working fine or not. For this, put your hands on a working Ethernet cable and then connect your devices firmly. After connecting them, access routerlogin.net to check the performance of your WiFi router.

Try Accessing Router WiFi in Other Room

Where you have placed your WiFi router? It is placed in your bedroom or your living room? Look, no matter where it is installed, our main prospective is to check its performance. So, what you have to do, go in different room and then access internet on your device that is connected to your router’s WiFi. If you are able to access the internet easily, then it’s fine. Otherwise, you have to reset router and then configure it from scratch.

See if Your WiFi Router is Broadcasting SSID

Now, you need to check if your router’s WiFi network name (SSID) is available on the list of networks or not. If you don’t see your router’s SSID on the list of networks, refresh the network list and see again. In the event, it is still not visible, then try moving a bit closer to your router and see if now the router is broadcasting SSID or not.

Even if after moving near to your router, you are unable to see its SSID, then you must log in to it using routerlogin.net and enable the SSID broadcast option. And, if you experience routerlogin.net not working issue, do not blame your router for the same. The culprit can be your web browser. So, update it, clear its browsing history, check for typing errors, and check if the web address is working or not.

To Conclude

WiFi routers are one of the best devices to consider if you want to access internet everywhere in your house. Now, we are wrapping up our blog post on how to I know if WiFi router is working or not. Anticipating that the points we have listed here will help you identify the performance of your WiFi router from the comfort of your home. In the event, you still want to know more, keep changing its location to check its performance. Means, you have to keep the router in those areas where the range of WiFi was never expected before. After relocating it, you will get to see its actual performance.

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