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Are You Facing Slow WiFi Connection? Here’s Why It Happens

Are You Facing Slow WiFi Connection? Here's Why It Happens

WiFi connectivity has made it easier for everyone to access the internet. Whether you want to send an email or check social media feed, WiFi helps you do it all. But, at times the network signals seem to crawl when it comes to accessing the internet. Sometimes you can download a heavy file smoothly and all of a sudden you cannot even open Google, why is it so? Is it due to a slow WiFi connection? Let us find out why this happens.

Reasons for Slow WiFi Connection

Given below are 4 reasons why you are facing this issue.

1. Router Position

The position of your WiFi router plays a crucial role when it comes to accessing the internet. The slightest change in router position impacts the quality of WiFi signals. But, there are some factors that fall under the ambit of router position.

  • Height
    A majority of WiFi router owners unpack their new router, connect it to a power outlet and then forget about it. But, the height at which you place the router affects how smoothly you access the internet.
    So, if you own a Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router, then do not keep it on the ground as that will not let you access the routerlogin.net admin panel, let alone access the internet. You should keep the router as high as possible to extend its signal broadcasting range and not suffer from a slow WiFi connection problem.
  • Materials
    The biggest culprits behind slow WiFi connection are concrete and metal. Never place your WiFi router in the basement as it has a lot of concrete enclosing the area. Make sure there are no large objects in the vicinity. These can block the WiFi router signals.
  • Distance
    The farther you are from the WiFi router, the harder it becomes to get WiFi signals. You should try to minimize the distance between the device and WiFi router. But, it is applicable only when there is one main area with devices. Keep the WiFi router near the center of your home as WiFi signals provide 360-degree coverage.

2. Multiple Users

Have you noticed a large download taking place over your WiFi network? Chances are there is more than one user sucking out the network bandwidth. Your friends and family members are performing network-heavy activities like downloading 4K video content.

So, if this is the scenario and you have a Netgear WiFi router, just access the routerlogin.net admin web page and enable the QoS (Quality of Service) feature. It will help you solve the slow WiFi connection issue.

3. WiFi Interference & Noise

It is a bit tough for an average internet user to notice this, but there are wireless signals around your establishment. These WiFi signals come from satellites, cell towers, baby monitors, and microwaves among other radio wave emitting devices.

Let us check out the 2 major culprits that cause the slow WiFi connection issue.

  • Microwave Ovens
    Microwave ovens are the culprit when it comes to WiFi signal interference. A WiFi router operating at 2.4 Ghz frequency is more likely to face WiFi interference. The reason? Microwave ovens operate incredibly close to this range. This can lead to the slow WiFi connection issue.
  • Bluetooth Devices
    The most popular wireless connection devices are Bluetooth devices. Unfortunately, these also operate on the 2.4 Ghz radio frequency. Make sure you keep the WiFi router away from these devices.

4. Neighbors WiFi

Not everyone has a fast WiFi internet connection in their home. So, the neighbors might be inclined to access to your wireless internet connection.

Now, on the flip side, if you happen to live in an apartment complex and the person next door happens to have a WiFi connection it will lead to issues with your WiFi. Moreover, if both the routers are operating on the same frequency they will cause interference with each other.

To keep this problem away for good, you can make changes to the WiFi router settings. So, if you have a Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router, access the routerlogin.net admin panel to make the changes. Keep the router updated to prevent unauthorized access to the internet connection. Doing so will help you keep the slow WiFi connection issue away for good.


A slow WiFi connection is an infuriating experience. But, you can take care of the issue by keeping in mind the reasons behind this problem. Doing this will help you keep the WiFi router away from unnecessary interference and ensure smooth browsing experience.

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