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Guide to View Netgear Router Status and User Information

Guide to View Netgear Router Status and User Information

This post talks about the step-by-step guidelines following which you can view Netgear router status and user information. Thus, scroll down and read on. But, before you do that, make sure that you are using one of the following Netgear Nighthawk router models:

  • R6700
  • RS400
  • R8000
  • R7900
  • R7850
  • R7500v2
  • R7500
  • R7000
  • R7000P
  • R6900
  • R6900P
  • R6700v2

How to View Netgear Router Status and User Information?

Walk through the below-mentioned guidelines and learn how to view Netgear router status and user information:

Turn On Your Netgear Router

  1. Start the process by plugging your Netgear wireless router into the wall socket.
  2. Press the Power button on your device and wait for the LED light to become green.
    Note: Make sure that your device is getting an adequate and fluctuation-free power supply from its wall socket.

Connect WiFi Devices

  1. Get hold of an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Netgear wireless router and another to the existing modem.
    Note: You also have the option of connecting your devices using a wireless source.

Access www.routerlogin.net

  1. Get access to a computer.
  2. Open an internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.
    Note: No matter what web browser you choose to use, make sure that its cache, cookies, and browsing history are cleared.
  3. In the address field of the web browser, type routerlogin net.
  4. Press the Enter key.

Perform Netgear Router Login

  1. You will find yourself on the official login page of your Netgear wireless router.
  2. Input the default admin password and username.
  3. Click the Log In button.
    Note: Not sure about the default admin details? Well, we recommend that you refer to the user manual. Or you can consider the easier option; reach out to our well-versed experts.

View Netgear Router Status

  1. Once you are on the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard, go to Settings.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click the Show Help Center link located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In a couple of seconds, all the information regarding your Netgear Nighthawk router will come into view.

Whether you have configured a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 (R6700) smart WiFi router or any other router model at home, the aforementioned steps will remain same for all.

In case you face any difficulty to view Netgear router status and user information, follow the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below.

Fixed: Unable to View Netgear Router Status

  • The Ethernet cable connecting your Netgear wireless router and the existing modem should not be damaged. Additionally, the connection between your devices should not be loose.
  • No matter which internet browser you are using to log in to your device, make sure that it is running on an updated version.
  • Another thing that you need to ensure is to update the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router to the latest version.
  • Do not type the default web address in the search bar of your internet browser. Instead, type it in the address bar. Also, if routerlogin.net refuses to work for you, consider using the default IP address to access the Netgear router login page.
  • Your Netgear router as well as the existing modem should not be placed near transmitting appliances, metal objects, electronic devices, and reflexive surfaces.

Once you are done following these troubleshooting hacks, try to view Netgear router status and user information again.

Need Our Help?

If you still cannot view Netgear router status and user information, then it is recommended that you get in touch with our technical experts. They don’t care what time of the day it is, they are always ready to assist users struggling with router-related issues.

Call Toll Free for Support: 1-866-889-0666

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