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Is Your Netgear Router R6900v2 Not Connecting After Update?

Is Your Netgear Router R6900v2 Not Connecting After Update?

Firmware updates are done for the purpose of enhancing the performance of the Netgear wireless router and fixing issues like Netgear 404 not found, Netgear router red light, and much more. However, rather than becoming a problem resolver, if it becomes a problem-causer, then it is no good.

Can you relate? Yes? Well then, it means that you are experiencing the Netgear router R6900v2 not connecting after update problem. To help you resolve it, we have outlined some of the best troubleshooting solutions in this blog post. Walking through them and learn how to resolve the issue in debate in the blink of an eye.

What Forced the Update to Cause Connectivity Issue?

The reasons why you are facing the Netgear router R6900v2 not connecting after update problem is not one, but many. In this section, we have given the topmost ones.

  • You did not complete the Netgear router firmware update process properly.
  • Perhaps, the Ethernet cable between the router and modem is damaged.
  • Electronic devices and metal objects are kept near the Netgear wireless router.

Now, you ought to walk through the troubleshooting solutions and understand how troubleshooting the issue in debate is possible.

[Fix] Netgear Router R6900v2 Not Connecting After Update

1. Degrade the Router Firmware

As mentioned above, chances are that you did not finish the firmware update process properly due to which you got stuck with the issue with your R6900v2 router. To resolve it, the easiest way is to degrade the router firmware. Once you are done degrading the firmware of your Netgear wireless router, it is recommended that you check whether the issue in discussion has been resolved by you or not. No? Continue reading this blog post.

2. Check the Cable Connection

Have a look at the cable that is being used to create a connection between the Netgear router and the existing modem. In case it is damaged, then now is the time to replace with a new one. Make sure that the new cable is being tightly connected to the ports located on the networking devices. Along with this, the new cable should not have any cuts on or in it. Otherwise, using a new cable will make no difference as an attempt to fix the problem.

3. Change the Router Location

Where exactly have you placed your Netgear wireless router? Is it near electronic devices and metal objects? Well then, you should think prior to changing the location of your router and keeping it far away from cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, aluminum studs, and much more. Also, do not keep the router near reflexive surfaces like mirrors and fish tanks.

Nothing Worked?

Despite reading the techniques given above, in case you are still losing your mind due to the Netgear router R6900v2 not connecting after update problem, then we still have two more tips through which there is a chance you can fix them.

1. Give the Router a Fresh Start

Restarting the WiFi device will eliminate those reasons behind the issue at hand which cannot be easily detected. Here is how you can give your device a new start:

  • Find the power button on the Netgear wireless router.
  • When you find it, press it. This will power down the wireless router.
  • Now, hold on to your horses. In other words, wait for some time
  • Press the power button again, but this time, to turn on the device.

For your information, if you router did not come with a power button, then to reboot it, you simply need to unplug it from its wall socket, wait for some time, and plug it back in. Just make sure that after the process, the LED light becomes green in color.

2. Perform Factory Default Reset

When nothing seems to help users fix issues related to the Netgear router, the Netgear router reset process steps in. Given you are in the need of it, here is how to execute it:

  • Look at the side or back panel of the router and find the reset button.
  • Whenever you find, press it using an oil pin or any other sharp object.
  • Wait for some time and let the networking device reboot.
  • Soon the reset process will come to an end.

And that it is. Once you have restored the Netgear wireless router to the default factory mode, the Netgear router R6900v2 not connecting after update problem will get fixed. Now, you need to execute the setup process from scratch via routerlogin.net.

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