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Netgear NAT Filtering Status Open or Secured – How to Check?

Netgear NAT Filtering

Netgear router users are well aware of the fact that an IP address is given to them by their Internet Service Providers. With its help, the router assigns a unique local address to the devices accessing it. The entire process in a nutshell is called NAT which means Network Address Translation. This post is exclusively written for those users who want to know about the Netgear NAT filtering status of their WiFi routers. However, before that, we would like to give you an overview of the NAT filtering feature.

Netgear NAT Filtering – An Overview

The IP address assigned to your WiFi router helps the device access the remote connection via the local address. Two requests can be there for this purpose. In other words, you are all free to set the NAT filtering feature’s status to open or secure.

Should You Let NAT Filtering Open or Secure?

You can keep it open if you want to decide the target device to which your router will send signals with the aid of the Port Forwarding feature. On contrary, closing the NAT filtering status won’t allow the router to know where the traffic is to be directed. Therefore, one should consider setting up the Netgear NAT filtering status to open. But, it has been found that some users find this way insecure. Well, if you ask us, it’s just a misconception.

Is Netgear NAT Filtering at Open Position Secure?

The myth of your home network being insecure after setting up the NAT filtering feature status to the open position has been busted by experts. According to them, setting it to open is all about securing the internet connection. In other terms, it is like digging a valley to keep online dangers far away. The NAT filtering feature does so by inspecting each data packet passing transmitted to your router and then deciding what to do with it. Simply putting, this feature keeps an eagle eye on the incoming traffic so that the truth of the unwanted traffic can be revealed and your home network can be secured.

So, keep the Netgear NAT filtering feature status Open and see the magic. After all, it’s about your home network security. We are assuming that you’ve now gained basic knowledge about NAT filtering. It means you’re ready to check its status on your Netgear WiFi router. Here’s how.

How to Check Netgear NAT Filtering Status?

I. Ensure Proper Netgear Router Setup

The first step to check the Netgear NAT filtering status on your WiFi router is to verify that your device is properly installed. Know that if your router is not configured properly, various issues like routerlogin.net not working and Netgear router keeps disconnecting might knock at your door during the process. In case you don’t know how to properly set up your Netgear WiFi router, our experts are always ready to help you.

II. Visit routerlogin.net

Now, gain access to your device (computer or laptop) and load your favorite internet browser. Your next aim should be to put the web address routerlogin.net into the URL field. Done? Well, check for typos. If there aren’t any, then proceed by clicking the Enter key. You will now see the login window of your Netgear wireless router.

III. Insert Username and Password

The next step to check the Netgear NAT filtering status requires you to input your wireless router’s login credentials. Is your device running on the default admin info? If yes, then enter them. This is to inform you that customizing the router’s admin details is a good practice. So, consider doing it. In case you’ve already modified the password as well as the username of your Netgear router, use them. After that, select Log In. The Netgear router dashboard is the next screen that will come into view.

IV. Check the NAT Filtering Status

As soon as you land on the dashboard of your Netgear WiFi router, look for the Maintenance tab. Found? Now, click it and select Attached Devices. You will now see the devices that are accessing your router (wired or wirelessly). Now, select Port Forwarding. You’ll soon see a dialogue box where you need to enter your device’s name into the required box. Enter the Service Name and decide the Protocol type. Lastly, click Apply.

Executing this step will set the Netgear NAT filtering status for the selected device to the open position. In case you want to close the NAT filtering status, simply change the Protocol type.

Closing Thoughts

This is how you can check and change the Netgear NAT filtering status on your WiFi router. Hopefully, you’ll have a wonderful online experience with your Netgear router after implementing the knowledge shared above. On the off chance, you find this write-up less than your expectations and need more help regarding the NAT filtering feature, get in touch with our technical team.

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