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Netgear R6080 Router: A Comprehensive Review of the Product

Netgear R6080 Router A Comprehensive Review

Did you purchase the Netgear R6080 wireless router and are interested in configuring it via the routerlogin.net web address? You made an excellent choice. It is one of the best devices when it comes to satisfying the internet-related needs of users. Are you keen to gain more knowledge about the device before you set it up? Continue reading then.

Netgear R6080 LED Descriptions

POWER LED Solid Green: Your router is ready to be used.
OFF: Power is not being supplied to your networking device.
WIFI LED Solid Green: The wireless radio is in operating mode.
OFF: The wireless radio is OFF.
INTERNET LED Solid Green: You can use the internet connection now.
OFF: There is no router-modem connection.
ETHERNET LED Solid Green: A powered-on device is connected to the port.
OFF: No device has been connected to the Ethernet port.

Now that you have learned about the meanings of the status of the LED lights, you can proceed to executing the Netgear AC1000 setup.

As soon as you have configured the networking device, it is recommended that log in to it. This is required so that you can change its settings. Here are the two Netgear R6080 router major settings which you can take care of:

Change Password: Changing the admin login password of your networking device is important as it enhances the security. It keeps intruders away from accessing the router.

Update Firmware: Upgrading the firmware is yet another significant feature of R6080. It needs to be upgraded so that you can enjoy an enhanced performance of your device.

As you will read further, you will learn about the process to change the login password of your router and how its firmware can be updated. For your information, both processes have been explained using the manual method.

How to Change Netgear R6080 Router Admin Password?

Prior to starting, ensure that the browser you will use for the process is not updated to the latest version but also clean from browsing history, cookies, cache. This will ensure that you do not get stuck with technical issues while changing the password.

  • Load another tab on the browser you are using.
  • Make your way to the URL bar of your browser and insert
  • Before you can even an eye, the login portal will appear.
  • Input the password and let us not forget, the user name next.
  • When the BASIC HOME screen appears, select ADVANCED > ADMINISTRATION.
  • Set the admin login password by entering it twice.
  • To recover the password in the future, you should select enable password recovery.
  • Click the APPLY button and let the changes get applied to your device.


You are done changing the password of you Netgear wireless router. Now, no unauthorized user will be able to gain access to your networking device and full control of your home WiFi network without your consent.

How to Update Netgear R6080 WiFi Router Firmware?

If you would rather update your networking device’s firmware using your mobile device, then it is recommended that you download the Netgear Nighthawk application and walk through the instructions mentioned in the product manual.

  • Start the process by connecting the PC to the network of the R6080 router.
  • Get your hands on a damage-free cable for this purpose.
  • Go to the official website of Netgear and download the firmware file.
  • Unzip the file when you are done downloading it.
  • Access the routerlogin.net web address.
  • On the login window, you ought to fill in the admin credentials.
  • Upload the firmware file.


Although you will easily be able to update the firmware of your networking device, by any chance, if the process fails, then it is recommended you reset your R6080 router. The same process can be taken forward if you read the steps in the following segment.

Procedure to Reset Netgear R6080 WiFi Router

Resetting the networking device will take it back to its default factory mode. To be specific, your router will go back to being exactly as it was when you purchased it. Every setting that you have customized on it till date will become default.

  • The POWER LED on your R6080 should be up before hand.
  • Press the button with the aid of a paper clip.
  • Once done, release the RESET button and wait for the R6080 router to reset.

Now, you ought to reconfigure your Nighthawk R6080 wireless router using the default web address. In case the routerlogin not working issue pops up, then it is recommended that you use the IP address for the same purpose.

In Conclusion

We are concluding the guide discussing everything related to Netgear R6080. Here is to hope that after going through it, you gained every bit of info you needed about the model.

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