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Netgear Router Password Recovery Not Working? Let’s Fix!

Netgear Router Password Recovery Not Working? Let's Fix!

Have you lost access to your Netgear router due to forgotten password? Trying to recover the password but are in no luck as Netgear router password recovery not working for you? Well, worry not! Here, in this blog section, we’re going to pen down various tips and tricks for you to get rid of the Netgear router password recovery not working issue without any hassle. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Netgear Router Password Recovery Not Working Issue

Netgear router password recovery feature is designed to help users recover their router login password if forgotten. Users are always advised to enable the feature if they are planning to assign a new password to their device after completing the routerlogin.net setup process.

But, what if Netgear router password recovery not working for you? How would you recover your router’s password in that case? No need to spin your head after thinking about the issue. Below are the ways you can try to recover your Netgear router password with ease.

Verify the Router Password Recovery Process

First and foremost, ask yourself, whether you are following proper steps to recover your password using the password recovery feature. If not sure, go through the steps below and ensure the same.

  • Launch a web browser on your PC and type in the address field.
  • As soon as you press the Enter key, the default router login IP will direct you to the login page of your device.
  • This is the same step you execute while trying to access the login page of your router. But, as you have now forgotten your router login details, you need to click Cancel to access the Router Password Recovery page.
  • You then need to enter the serial number of your WiFi router into the field given on the password recovery page.
  • Hitting the Continue option will take you to the screen asking a few security questions.
  • Let’s clear that these are the same questions you might have answered while configuring your router via www.routerlogin.net.
  • So, answer all the questions in a correct manner and proceed further by pressing the Continue option.
  • The admin password page of your router will reveal on your system’s screen.

This is how you can recover your router’s password using the Netgear router password recovery feature. If the problem still exists and the feature is not letting you land on the admin password page of your router, then you need to reset your router to the factory defaults for gaining access to the dashboard of your router.

However, before you plan to take your router back to its default settings, we suggest you try a few hacks. Here they are:

How to Access Router Settings if Netgear Router Password Recovery Not Working

Cross-check the Password Entree

You might be shoving yourself into the mess of router password not working issue due to a bit of ignorance. Make sure the password entered by you into the password field is not having any typing errors. Perhaps, a small error is creating all the trouble for you.

Turn off the Caps Lock key

Being a Netgear user, you might be familiar with the fact that Netgear router admin details are case-sensitive. And if the Caps Lock key is turned on while you try to log in to your router, you will get no success. Therefore, try accessing the dashboard of your router once again after confirming that the Caps Lock of your system is turned off.

Delete Browser Cache and Cookies

Perhaps, your browser has not saved the password – you changed recently – in the form of browser cache and cookies and is taking the older one. If that is the case, then also your router password will not work. For getting rid of the issue, simply delete cache and cookies from your web browser and again try accessing the settings of your router by logging in to your device. This time, possibly, you make a fortune!

Just in case none of the tips listed above are in your favor as well as Netgear router password recovery is also not working for you, consider getting in touch with our expert technicians. By remotely having access to your device, they possibly can help you fix the long-time running Netgear router password not working issue.

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