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Netgear Router WiFi Not Working but Ethernet Is [Solutions]


Can anyone access the wireless internet through a Netgear router if the WiFi is not working? Of course not! Now, imagine a situation when Netgear router WiFi not working but Ethernet is. Sounds annoying? Well, there are plenty of users who have complained about facing the same problem with their wireless routers. Keeping them in mind, we’ve penned down this post making revelations about the reasons causing this weird problem. Relax! You’ll also find the hacks here in case you are also struggling with the same issue. So, do not stop reading. This post has a pool of knowledge for you.

[Underlying Reasons] Router WiFi Not Working

Resolving the issue won’t be a hard nut to crack if you’re well acquainted with the reasons behind it. Therefore, let’s begin with the most common reason that has foiled the internet experience of almost every netizen i.e. a technical glitch.

Getting rid of a technical glitch is the easiest thing to do as you do not need to get involved in deep technicality. Just get closer to your router, switch it off, and let it have some rest. Once you feel that it has been given enough time for relaxation, you can again provide it the responsibility of routing the signals emitted by the internet modem. In simple words, power it up again.

In case you are still being troubled by the Netgear router WiFi not working but Ethernet is issue, then the following reasons might be arranging this foul play:

  • WiFi signal interference
  • Router’s inappropriate distance from the main modem

Moving on, let’s make you familiar with the hacks you can try to fix the WiFi problem you’re facing with your Netgear router. There’s a possibility that you’ll need to implement more than one hack. So, do not get disappointed if the issue doesn’t get off your back after implementing the first tip. Moreover, you can turn to our online support team if you want to take personalized help with the troubleshooting process.

Netgear Router WiFi Not Working but Ethernet Is [Fixes]

1. Remove Signal Interference

The meaning of the term “interference” is an interruption. It means when interference occurs with respect to a WiFi router, it is a sign that wireless signals are either getting diverted or completely blocked. The only workaround that can be performed to resolve the issue is to change the location of the router. Know that your WiFi router must not share its location with the following things or devices:

  • Reflexive surfaces such as mirrors, glasses, lenses, etc.
  • Heavy electrical equipment like refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, etc.
  • Bluetooth devices such as watches, keyboards, speakers, etc.
  • Devices that operate on GPS technology, especially baby monitors.
  • Objects that contain a large amount of water such as aquariums.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, you are supposed to keep your router away from metal objects and thick concrete walls. If possible, try to place the router in a ventilated space. However, if even after making changes to the router’s location, the Netgear router WiFi not working but Ethernet is issue is troubling you, follow the next tip.

2. Mind the Router-Modem Gap

The gap between your WiFi router and the modem is considered inappropriate if you haven’t maintained a clear line of sight between them. Remember that wireless devices need to share the same room if you want them to communicate effectively. Therefore, try to make changes to the router-modem distance. This is how you can do it:

  • Bring the router to a location where your internet modem doesn’t struggle to transmit WiFi signals.
  • Make sure that the gap between your devices is not too less as it can result in a clash of their wireless signals.

Once you make amendments to the router-modem distance, the Netgear router WiFi not working but Ethernet is problem will go miles away. What happened? The situation is still the same.

Let’s Try One More Time!

If changing the location and maintaining an appropriate distance between the WiFi devices failed to bring you luck, then the outdated firmware of the router might be at the fault. Thus, consider accessing the routerlogin.net setup wizard and installing the latest version of the firmware on your router.

Just in case you’re wondering how a firmware update is capable of fixing the major issue like Netgear router WiFi not working but Ethernet is, then know about the firmware first. If we say in non-technical terms, firmware is a program that controls the overall behavior of a WiFi device no matter whether it is related to hardware or software. So, wait for nothing and install the latest firmware version on the router. To know the instructions, check out the user manual or take online support from our experts.

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