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No WPS Button Found on Router? How to Setup Router Now?

No WPS Button Found on Router How to Setup Router

The term WPS stands for WiFi-Protected Setup. It is the name of a button as well as a process. The WPS button is usually found at the back or the side panel of the wireless router, depending on the brand that it belongs to or the model number. Though this button is found on almost every router, however, still users have complained of not being able to find it. No WPS button found on router by you as well?

Well, worry not. The reason being, the setup process of the router is not just restricted to one method. One can use several methods for the same. In this blog post, we have thoroughly explained the manual or the web browser method. In case you are using a Netgear router, then you can set it up via the routerlogin.net web address.

How to Install Device When No WPS Button Found on Router?

1. Find an Ideal Location

Commence the setup process when no WPS button found on router by finding the perfect location for the placement of your wireless router. An ideal location will decide how reliable the internet connection provided by your networking device will be in the future.

It is recommended that you do not keep the router near mirrors, fish tanks, baby monitors, glasses, washing machines, cordless phones, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, aluminum studs, and much more.

2. Plug in the WiFi Router

The next step in line is to supply power to the wireless router. The same can be done if you locate a wall socket, and plug the router into a wall socket. Press the power button on it. You will find it either at the side panel or at the bottom of your router.

Make sure that the wall socket is not damaged from any point. Otherwise, the electricity will not be uninterrupted and adequate. And if this happens, then you will end up inviting hardware related issues during the installation process.

3. Pair the WiFi Devices

Create a strong connection between the Netgear wireless router, in case you own it, and the existing modem. For this purpose, we would like to recommend that you use an Ethernet cable, and that too a non-damaged one.

Pair the WiFi Devices

The reason being, using a worn-out cable will make sure that signal transmission does not happen properly between the networking devices. Additionally, ensure that you have not kept the networking devices far from each other.

4. Load a Web Browser

Once you have established a strong connection between your networking devices, it is recommended that you load an internet browser and access its address bar. For your information, the address bar of the browser is also called the URL field.

See to it that whatever web browser you are using, is working on an updated version. Along with this, ensure that the browser is not filled with browsing history. It will only down your progress to access routerlogin.net or

To be sure of the IP address of your networking device, you can become certain of the same by reading the information given in the user or product manual that came along with it when you went to purchase it to take your internet experience to another level.

5. Log in to the Router

In the URL field, enter the web address. In case, in an attempt to do this, if the technical error routerlogin not working pops up on your screen, then you can use the IP address to access the router login page. Once there, enter the username and password.

Log in to the Router

You will soon land on the router setup wizard also known as the dashboard. It is advised that you go through the instructions that are given there. This is being suggested so that you can finish the router setup process without the use of the WPS button.

In Conclusion

This ends the guide discussing the instructions through which the device can be set up even if no WPS button found on router. Now, you ought to make your client device join the network of your router and get access to a seamless WiFi connection. Considering you have connected the device, every nook and cranny of your house will have WiFi access.

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