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Router Not Connecting to the Internet (How to Get Back Online)

Router Not Connecting to the Internet

Tried multiple times but your WiFi router isn’t ready to get connected to the internet? Don’t worry! It happens on numerous occasions. Not with you, but also with other netizens. Some of them manage to fix the problem easily while others struggle like you. But, it’s time to put an end to the struggle and learn what exactly is stopping your router from getting connecting to the internet. In this how-to guide, you will get plenty of fixes that will help you get back online if you are wondering why is my router not connecting to the internet.

What You’ll Learn in This How-to Guide?

For your better understanding, the blog has been divided into several sections. Here are the sections that this write-up will cover:

  • Is there actually no internet? If not, then why are you facing the issue
  • Troubleshooting the problem w.r.t. your equipment (router)
  • Applying fixes related to the WiFi connection
  • A short FAQ section regarding internet connectivity problems
  • The bottom line (conclusion)

Is Your Router Not Connected to the Internet?

Start diagnosing the issue first. For this, you need to verify whether it is your router that is not getting connected to the internet or other devices that are also experiencing the same problem. Therefore, you need to, first of all, find out the “why” behind the issue. Perhaps, there is some problem with your internet router. What could have caused it? Check the points given below to know.

Highlighting Problems Related to Router

  • The cable connections related to the router are WEAK
  • The WiFi of your router is not working
  • A potential OUTAGE FROM the end of your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER

If you’re sure that the problem has arisen due to the router, you can simply start implementing the required workaround. You can do this simply by jumping to the Troubleshooting the problem w.r.t. your equipment (router) section.

Highlighting Problems Related to WiFi Connection

There are chances that your WiFi router is connected to the internet but your computer is unable to access the internet connection. You can check this simply by employing an ETHERNET cable INSTEAD of WIFI CONNECTION.

If your internet works and you can access routerlogin.net on your computer, then surely it is a connectivity issue related to the WiFi connection. To know the fixes, you can hop up to the section discussing fixes related to the WiFi connection.

Troubleshooting: Router Not Connecting to the Internet Issue

Let us first address the problems related to your WiFi router:

Address Problems w.r.t. Your Equipment (Router)

1) Check all Cables

All the CABLES RELATED TO YOUR WIFI ROUTER are supposed to be INTACT. Using damaged cables will only cause chaos. In addition, ensure that the cable is not loose or unplugged. It should be FIRMLY CONNECTED to your WiFi devices.

2) Restart the Router

Try RESTARTING your ROUTER as well as the DEVICE you want to connect to the network. It will fix glitches that are causing the router not connecting to the internet problem. The rebooting process is all about keeping the devices powered down for 10-15 minutes.

3) Get in Touch with Your ISP

If you see that your WiFi router is not functioning properly even after applying the aforementioned fixes, get in touch with your ISP. There might be a service interruption or your subscription needs to be upgraded.

Applying WiFi Connection-Related Fixes

1) Test Connectivity on Different Devices

Are you still sure that it is your router that is not connecting to the internet? Try connecting your mobile phone to its network then. Got successful? Well, there is a connectivity problem with your computer or laptop.

2) Reduce WiFi Interference

There is a probability that your router is unable to get connected to the internet because of too much signal interference. Therefore, try to place your router in an area where no heavy electrical appliances are there. The same goes for reflexive surfaces.

3) Run Troubleshooter on PC

It is time to run a network troubleshooter on your computer. It will help you pinpoint what exactly has happened. The instructions for the same vary depending on the computer and its OS. After that, you can follow on-screen prompts to fix the issue and check whether the issue is fixed or not by accessing IP.

FAQs Regarding Router Internet Problems

1) What lights should be on my router for a stable internet connection?

Green or white light determines that your networking equipment is functioning perfectly.

2) Why did my WiFi suddenly stop working?

The firmware of your router might be getting upgraded or your router might be rebooting.

3) How do I fix no internet connection?

Try restarting your router and client devices and reconnecting them.

The Bottom Line

Finding out the exact reason causing the router not connecting to the internet issue is like catching a fish. It means the process requires a lot of patience and focus. You can call it a hit-and-trial process where you need to try everything until the real cause behind the issue gets revealed.

We are hopeful that after trying your hands on the troubleshooting tips given above, you will be able to address the problem and get back online.

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