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Why is My Router Blinking Red? How to Fix It?

My Router Blinking Red How to Fix It

The red color flashed by the LED light of your router might look classic. But, actually, it isn’t. Since we all know that the red color depicts danger, the appearance of the color red on the LED light of a WiFi router means that you need to pay some attention. Thus, do not wonder, “why is my router blinking red”. Read this post instead. Here, we will make you learn the topmost reasons due to which a WiFi router shows the red color. Worry not! We will also jot down a section that will particularly focus on the solutions that you can follow to get rid of the problem.

Why is Your Router Blinking Red [Reasons]

You might notice the red LED light on your WiFi router due to various reasons. But, it is mostly the power light that shows the color red. Therefore, if you own a router from the brand Netgear and notice the Netgear router red power light, you must conclude that the problem has shown up because of power-related issues. But, let’s discuss the respective troubleshooting tactic in the dedicated section. We would like to make you familiar with other reasons why any light on a WiFi router might flash red. Here, they are:

  • Outdated Firmware: The red blinking light on router might be because of an OUTDATED FIRMWARE. The possibility is that the firmware of your router has become CORRUPTED due to which it is behaving oddly.
  • Connection Issues: A FAULT IN THE CONNECTIONS RELATED TO THE INTERNET can also force you to think why is my router blinking red. Faulty connection means the absence of a smooth and sound internet connection.

These are the major reasons that can force your router’s LED light to blink red. We are hoping that you have walked through them carefully and due to this, we are now stepping towards the troubleshooting section.

Answered: Why is Your Router Blinking Red

Before you dig deeper and perform troubleshooting related to the firmware and internet connection, we suggest you POWER CYCLE the router. This is because at times technical glitches cause the router to blink red. Power cycling will provide your router with the caliber to fight technical glitches. The process involves keeping the router switched off for 10 minutes and then powering it up again.

In case the red light issue doesn’t go away and you’re still wondering why is my router blinking red, you should read the below-given points to have a clear understanding of what to do in such a situation.

S. No. Troubleshooting Tip How to Implement
1 Ensure a stable power supply Connect your WiFi router to a working power socket only
You should use the genuine power adapter (one received with package)
There should be no cuts on the power cord
Use a UPS in case of power issues from the backend
2 Update the firmware Launch the web-based setup wizard of router on mobile/computer.
Your device should be connected to the router’s WiFi.
After that, find the FIRMWARE UPDATE option in settings.
Check for the new firmware by clicking CHECK NOW.
Follow the instructions showing up on the screen.
3 Ensure stable internet Use an undamaged Ethernet cable to connect your router to the modem.
You should make a finger-tight connection.
Talk to your ISP in case of poor internet speeds.
Keep your router and modem at an optimal distance.

Note: Not every WiFi router allows you to check for the latest firmware version online. In some cases, you have to download the firmware update file separately and upload it on the router’s firmware update window after unzipping it.

Still Wondering Why is My Router Blinking Red?

If your router is still blinking red, then it might be happening because of overheating. Maybe your router is placed near a heat source. There are also chances that you have kept the router in direct sunlight. FYI, overheating if not addressed can result in the routerlogin.net not working issue.

Preventing Overheating: You should prevent your WiFi router from overheating. The tip also comes to your rescue if you are facing the Netgear router red light issue. For this, you need to keep the router away from kitchen appliances and direct sunlight. Also, give your router a rest of at least 30 minutes and allow it to cool down once in a while. Using a USB fan can also help you out.

The Final Remarks

Although restarting, ensuring a stable power supply, updating the firmware, and ensuring a stable internet connection can put a full stop to your thought, “why is my router blinking red”, if the issue is there, reset the router.

To reset the router, you need to pick a pointed object and press the button present inside the Reset hole of the router. You need to hold the button for 10 seconds. As soon as the router restarts, set it up once again with the help of the correct IP address. The red light issue will no longer trouble you.

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